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1. Alder stir spoon. Measuring 8 1/4".  Can double as a tasting spoon as well. $20 1b. Alder spoon bottom.
2. This is a real beaut. made of black walnut and great for cooking and stirring.  Measures about 9 1/4" long. $30(SOLD) 2b. top side(SOLD)
3. An Alder spoon measuring about 9".  Would be good for cooking or tasting. $20 3b. bottom side
4. This is a bigger cooking spoon measuring 10 1/4" made of incense cedar. $25 4b. back side
5. Very cool cooking/tasting spoon which has a  slit that would hold on to the edge of a pan.  Very stout made of poplar measuring at 8".$25 5b. bottom side
6. Incense cedar "chili spoon"...nice long spoon measuring 13 1/4" great for stirring those thicker meals. $20 6b. bottom side
7. Hesitate to sell this one since it is really nice.  Measures 12 3/4"  Made of Myrtle wood with a beautiful grain. $30 (SOLD) 7b. bottom side(SOLD)
8. pair of black walnut salad servers sold as a pair.Measure around 6 3/4". $35 8b. back side
9. Beauty of a birch cooking spoon measuring 11 7/8" $30(SOLD) 9b. back side(SOLD)
10. Unusually shaped myrtle spoon measuring 10" $30 10b. unusual part of the spoon
11. longer spatula style spoon made of beech. $30(SOLD) 11. back side of beech spoon(SOLD)
12. Good tasting and cooking spoon but actually not too large just for eating. Made of cherry measuring about 9".  $20 12. back side
13. Nice grained alder with fun handle.  Measuring 11" long. $20