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Eating Spoons
1. A maple with a unique design. $25(SOLD) 1. back side(SOLD)
2. Myrtle spoon with pot hook. $17(SOLD)  
3. Sycamore with pothook. $17(SOLD) 3. back side
4. Very nice myrtle eating or soup spoon with just the right size measuring at 8". $25 4. bottom side
5. Another great myrtle eating spoon measuring in at 6 1/2". $20(SOLD) 5. bottom side(SOLD)
7.  7 1/2" of beauty made of mtn. mahogany.  Excellent eating spoon. $20 7. bottom side
8. Beautifully grained maple sized for eating at 6 1/4" good for table or pack use. $20(SOLD) 8. bottom side(SOLD)
9.  A birch spoon could be used for eating or tasting. $25(SOLD)  
10. Walnut eater going for $20 10. Bottom side
11. Curly maple at $20(SOLD) 11. bottom side(SOLD)
13. This birch measuring 9" would be good for either eating or tasting/cooking $20 13. bottom side
14. one of the nicest grained spoons I have seen. Made of Morado wood. $25(SOLD) 14. bottom side(SOLD)
15.  wood is close to pine but harder with beautiful grain that was given to me. would make a great eater/stirrer/server at about 9 1/4". $30 15. side view
17. Mountain Mahogany eating spoon.  A real slim design and easy to use. $20  
18. Maple camp/cooker spoon. About 8" long making a good "in-between" spoon. $15 18. bottom side
19. Spalted maple eating spoon. Around 8". $15 19. bottom view
20. Morado eater around 6 1/4" $25(SOLD) 20. side view(SOLD)
21.Little cherry eating spoon measuring 6". $12 21. bottom side
22. New line out with pot hook (you can grab the pot bale to take it out of the fire) 7"(SOLD)  
23. New style of myrtle with thin profile  
24. A chery like #23 with the thin profile  
25. Like the two above but in walnut