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Soup Spoons
1. this is somewhat of an unknown wood but is an excellent working spoon...has the grain of oak but acts more like birch or maple. Measuring 7 3/4" it makes an excellent spoon and the grain is outstanding. $15 1. back side
2. This is a shorter at 6 1/2" of alder with a nice style look. $15 2. back side
3. Measuring at 7 3/8" this oak spoon is a real looker.  Fairly deep bowl and just the right size. $15 3. back side
4.  This one could double as an eating spoon as well.  Measures 7 3/4" made of poplar. $15 4. back side
5. one of my favorite ones in Myrtle with the flared handle. Measures 8 1/4" long. $25 5. bottom side
6. This spoon can work as an eater, soup or even a stirrer measuring 8 1/2" out of cherry. $25 6. back of spoon
7.  Unknown wood but nice and hard having a mix look of birch, maple and oak.  Measures 8 1/4".  Make sure you look at the pic on the right to see its bottom.  Pretty unusual and neat style. $25 7. bottom/side
8.  the longer of the two cherrys at 9 1/4" can double as a soup serving or cooking spoon $25 8. bottom side
9. walnut soup around 8 1/4" $30 9. bottom side